Saturday, August 6, 2011

KSNV's Beautiful Tribute To Miles

Yesterday was Miles' final day at KSNV, the NBC affiliate in Las Vegas. He worked there or at the company's Reno station for 12 years, finishing up as the executive producer overseeing the entire news operation for the past four years. To commemorate the occasion of his departure -- he's coming with me to Ann Arbor to partake in my fellowship -- his friend and anchor Jessica Moore offered these truly lovely words at the close of the last newscast he produced, the 5 p.m. show:

FYI, we're having a little party at
Piero's on Aug. 13 from 2-5 pm where friends, colleagues, listeners, readers and viewers are welcome to swing by and visit with us. Hope to see you there!


detroit1051 said...

Your year in Ann Arbor should be a great chapter in your lives, but the real story will be, what does the future hold for both Steve and Miles after the fellowship? I don't believe they will stay in the midwest nor return to Las Vegas. Somehow, I keep thinking of another long term stay in Asia, possibly to give the world more insights into Macau, Singapore and Japan; not just the obvious connection to Las Vegas gaming operators, but documenting Asia's growth as it forever changes the role and position of the United States in the global economy and culture.
Whatever Steve and Miles do, I hope they let us tag along with them on their adventures. Godspeed.