Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Strip IS live tonight...with a Mystery Guest

I don't want to announce who our guest is this week because Miles doesn't know yet, either, but let's just say that we're taking care of some old business from the earliest days of Vegas S&MThe Strip. So join us at about 8p at this UStream site to hear the interview, then stick around for Miles to come home for the live show.

And, no, just to head off needless speculation, it's not Steve Wynn. I think he's still peeved that I was first in both the print media and the blogosphere to call out his anti-Socialism/pro-Sinophilia contradiction.

Anywho, we're running out of time, folks, so come on down for the live show and watch the puppies eat their snacks. It'll be grand. Or wait for the podcast version. That's great, too.