Sunday, March 11, 2007

Adelson's grandmother's testicles

So I'm reading this longish AP piece about Macau which basically says -- shocking! -- that it's a hot new gaming market. Fine. The Review-Journal published it because, even though it's the most important story for Las Vegas interests going on in the world, they're too cheap to send someone down there to check it out.

The writer, William Foreman, does a fine job, although it's kind of obvious he's new to the Adelson-Wynn world because he doesn't even bother to note how much these two hate each other. (Hear my Wynn and Adelson interviews from the podcast or see what Norm wrote about it.)

Anyhow... this is the part that made me want to barf in my Cheerios:

Adelson brushed off speculation that Macau could be threatened by the possibility the Chinese government will legalize casinos in other parts of the country.

"It's like the threat to my grandfather that my grandmother will develop testicles and then she would be my grandfather," he told the AP.