Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Podcast Posted: Nicholas Pileggi

My New York Times interview with Nicholas Pileggi, from which I used just two sentences in my Tuesday story on the Stardust implosion, was aired in full tonight on the show, with a few interesting revelations including that he plans to write a book about former Clark County Sheriff Floyd Lamb.

Hear the new show here!

Also, vote in the new poll or answer the trivia question to win fabulous prizes! Or learn how German listener Thomas W suggests doing Vegas on $100 a day. It's all here.


AndyMN said...
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AndyMN said...

Steve, didn't they have something on the news telling you not to wash the dust off your car with water? The dust is supposed to form back into solid concrete when it gets wet. They had something on the news when they imploded the Boardwalk when I went to school in Vegas.

Congratulations on the wedding, I hope it goes well.