Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The R-J Slams Falwell

It's worth pointing out that the Las Vegas Review-Journal -- routinely lambasted by liberals as being prehistoric in their editorial page bent when, in fact, they are consistently, if occasionally maddeningly, libertarian -- published this utterly devastating summary of the life of Hater-in-Chief Jerry Falwell.

Falwell died yesterday and immediately discovered just how wrong he was his entire life and that's awful sad but not really. But what's better is knowing that for all his sound and fury and silly attacks on purple fictional characters, he signified little in the real world.

The R-J points out in this brilliant editorial that the most important thing to remember about Falwell is that...he failed. His movement didn't reduce abortions in any meaningful way, he didn't cut down on illegitimacy, societal violence or divorce (the core social problems in this country and -- think about this -- all caused primarily by HETEROSEXUAL men) and under his watch homosexuality earned perhaps its greatest widespread acceptance in world history.

So his life was a waste. That's nice to know.