Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stay in the Boob!

I've got a very busy day of guidebook writing and prepping for tonight's episode of "The Strip" (join us live in the chatroom at 7 pm PT at LVROCKS.COM with Joel Robuchon and an audio essay from the Rock, Paper, Scissors tourney last weekend) and interviewing Margaret Cho for a future episode of the program.

Still, I wanted to give credit where it's due.

Sonya Padgett has a terrific story in the Living section of the Review-Journal today that I had been hoping somebody would do, examining the massive murals and wraps on Vegas casinos. She has this classic quote from Don Marrandino of the Flamingo regarding the Toni Braxton wrap:

"People have actually asked to be placed in rooms (corresponding) to strategically located body parts."

She also has a sidebar explaining how they apply the wrap. Great work. The only thing I think she overlooked was whether you can tell once you're in the room that there's anything on the window. I'd have liked to see a picture from inside just to show. Also, it doesn't say whether you actually CAN get the thigh or the boob should you request it.


LinFromNJ said...

I've stayed in a wrapped building in AC (Tropicana done up as a Monopoly slot machine). You really couldn't tell anything was different from inside the room.

gregory_zephyr said...

I suppose staying inside Toni Braxton's XXX is something to write home about. But, personally, I'd rather stay at Caesars and tell them, "I want a room looking straight in to Ms. Braxton's cleavage."