Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Gays, The Jews and Vegas

There is a pathetic creature out there who reads this blog religiously and never seems to miss the podcast but who is nonetheless livid that Miles and I are gay and that we talk about our lives as if -- get this! -- they were normal. He even spends his time posting homophobic messages on this blog under old posts that nobody is reading anymore (I get email alerts to all new posts or I'd miss it, too) and has debates with himself, pretending to be more than one poster. It's very odd. And always loaded with bad grammar and spelling because kooky fundamentalists are uniformly averse to the English language.

Still, even wacky, virulent homophobes have their days, and this may just be his. Thinking he was hurting my feelings, he passed along this very useful link from a Swedish newspaper reporting that Swedish magician Joe Labero (pictured above) bitched to an in-flight magazine about why he can't get work in Las Vegas:

"I don't mean to sound prejudiced of course, I'm just cynical. A blond Swedish Viking will have a hard time breaking through the hierarchies that control Vegas, where power rests in the hands of Jewish business syndicates, American dollar millionaires and homosexual booking agents."

Fascinating. Did you know this? Planet Ho is installing a Dutch magician, Hans Klok, who is reportedly not gay, American or Jewish, and he's been hired by P.Ho CEO Robert Earl, who again is none of those things. There's Steve Wyrick, Nathan Burton, Lance Burton, David Copperfield and Criss Angel -- none are gay (not openly anyhow) and none are Jews. True, Siegfried & Roy are gay but would never admit it, but they sure weren't Jewish or American. We're not entirely sure they were even Earthlings.

Could it be that Mr. Labero is just not very good? Look at this clip below -- he's cutting a woman into pieces in a box. Gosh, Vegas really needs its 18th version of THAT trick. And the close-ups of him -- what's with the 1980s-hair-band look? -- I wonder about his protestations of heterosexuality anyhow.

Interestingly, He did go on to apologize for the remarks yesterday. You know, because he didn't mean to sound prejudiced. Of course.

Anyhow, being gay and Jewish myself -- and left-handed and hearing impaired, what a list! -- I'd like to speak on behalf of this city when I answer this other comment made by Mr. Labero:

"But I will get there, sooner of later."

I'm thinking not.


David in Nova Scotia said...

Hi Steve

I think Copperfield, is, in fact, Jewish (his name is David Kotkin).

TheStripPodcast.Com said...

ooh... it seems you are correct. So THAT'S how he gets all his gigs!!!

Bernadette in Australia said...

I have to admit I think the world wouldn't be quiteas entertaining if there were no talentless people coming up with wacky conspiracy theories to account for their own inadequacies. This is definitely the first time I've heard about an anti-Dutch bias anywhere's made my morning :)

Ray said...

That's how Copperfield he gets to date models... them model-types always love Jewish men. ;)

My question is why do you tolerate bigoted comments? I run my blog as a benevolent dictatorship with a short fuse. ;)

TheStripPodcast.Com said...

Mostly I assume that people who display bizarre bigotry are only embarrassing themselves and exposing their own limitations, so who am I to stand in the way of such stupidity?

I will remove posts that are explicit or threatening, but otherwise I don't mind. I can take it.

Anonymous said...

Steve, Jeff Leatherock here. I'm left handed. I always thought that was the greatest persecution of ALL. Stand up for us, brother, stand up!

gregory_zephyr said...

I may have to agree with Labero on this one. I'm not gay or a Jew and I, too, have never been offered a gig in Vegas. The fact that I've never auditioned, nor have any talent is irrelevant.

Goozak said...

Labero's incessant grunting in this clip is enough to prevent him from getting any gig. Although, to be fair, it may be the language barrier, since the clip is from a French television show...
"Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde" (The biggest cabaret on earth) is always a good source of relatively bad magicians - and sometimes extraordinary cabaret/circus performances.