Saturday, June 9, 2007

The. Best. Newspaper. Correction. Ever.

Wow. How often does a newspaper have to apologize for misspelling its own longtime editor's name? Especially when that same deceased editor was one of the state's most beloved war heroes and governors?

Here's the best correction I've ever seen in a daily newspaper, from the Las Vegas Sun today, June 2. It sits prominently in the top left corner of page 2. See how they grovel:


The Sun on Friday managed to misspell the name of Mike O'Callaghan, leaving out the "g." Mike served two terms as governor of Nevada and then was executive editor of this newspaper from 1979 until his death in 2004. Since his name has appeared in print, correctly spelled, many thousands of times and appears every day on the masthead of the Sun (next to the name of the Sun's founder, Hank Greenspun), it is hard to fathom how this typo got through. Yet, astoundingly, get through it did, proving once again our human fallibility, a fact the Sun is definitely not setting out to prove. We certainly regret having made this particular error.


Anonymous said...

2004 called and it wants its headline format back. Yawn.