Saturday, June 9, 2007


I have just confirmed by what TMZ.Com would call "unimpeachable sources" (see their first Paris-gets-out-of-jail report) that the New Frontier Hotel-Casino will cease operations on July 15 and be imploded sometime in September.

I'm sure Steve Wynn -- who told me on this "The Strip" podcast that the Frontier is "the single biggest toilet in Las Vegas" and being across the street from it is "like being punished" -- will be delighted. The property was recently sold to the Elah Investment Group, for $1.2 billion. It is expected to become the future sight of a $5 billion Vegas version of NY's famed Plaza Hotel by 2011.

The New Frontier is the longest-operating Strip property, having opened in 1942 as the Pair O Dice nightclub.

Let the eulogies begin. Not sure how I'm going to persuade my editors in the national media who just got through with all the Stardust stuff. And there was a lot more love for the Stardust than the Frontier, known largely these days for that interminable labor strike.


ChrisR said...

Stayed there, was horrible hole when Vegas is wet (which is was that day).

Run down and faded inside with no Vegas-false glitz or good times inside.

However, it has one good memory, when I finally made Poker Machine pay 4-of-a-kind for me, after several thousand plays on the damn things.

Least ways, it was cheap and close to the Wynn.

LinInNJ said...

One regret is the loss of the Sigma Derby machine.