Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Danny Gans redux and more

Three images of interest out there from my prowl through the week's worth of papers and magazines that stacked up while I was away on account of my grandfather's illness, death and funeral:

Danny Gans appeared on the cover of Las Vegas Magazine looking closer to his real self than his new advertisements. Just wondering why they bothered to fake his ad photo if they're cool with him looking like he really looks on magazine covers. (See earlier post about Danny's new image.)

This photo appeared in the Las Vegas Sun several days after 7/7/7 with an article about how the crush of wedding interest in that "special" day left some couples unwed and unhappy. Except that his photo was taken days after, too. Why are they still in their formal wear? The caption said something about how they were still eating leftover cake, which may explain why she's looking so grave, huh?

This is a "house ad" (an ad in the newspaper for the newspaper itself, usually used as filler or to promote something new they're up to) for the Review-Journal is just baffling. They're pushing their new service offering the paper via PDA. Except that the caption shows the boss telling the folks at his meeting "Will you guys please read the R-J at home next week!" Now, you know times are bad when the daily newspaper itself doesn't expect people to read it, uh, daily. Yikes.


Jeff Leatherock said...

Uh, Steve, that picture of Danny Gans looks like the guy on the cover of your new book just to the right of him on the blog page.
Thanks, Jeff Leatherock

TheStripPodcast.Com said...

HAHAHA!!! Hmmm... Maybe that explains it!!!