Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Is Jon Lovitz Missing?

Those of you who tuned in for the live show last night are aware that comic Jon Lovitz did not call in when he was supposed to for our live interview. Remarkably, this is the very first time in nearly two years of weekly programs that a celebrity has stood us up for "The Strip" podcast. Rather than being embarrassing, though, it ended up being a very funny show and we may, in fact, air it in its original, uncensored off-the-rails silliness at some point. Miles was so funny about Lovitz' absence that there were spots where I couldn't even speak I was so overcome by the giggles.

Still, business is business and I wanted to interview Jon Lovitz. The spokeswoman at the Orleans was horrified and is feverishly working to get him sometime today so we can put together a proper show for posting as a podcast tomorrow.

Except that nobody's quite sure where he's at. She says that his agent has left messages for him all over the place and reminded him twice yesterday of our interview. So it's a mystery.

Perhaps Andy Dick abducted him for beating him up last week? I sure hope nothing serious has happened or none of this will be even a little bit amusing...


Amy said...

Best show ever! You better post it!