Thursday, July 19, 2007

Placentamania! and Norm!

My piece in today's USA Today on the movement to ingest the placenta (yum!) is drawing a gazillion comments on the newspaper's website. Check out the piece and the reaction, mostly appalled it seems, here.

And, on another front, we made Norm! again this week for the Donny Osmond interview. Read that here.


Bay in TN said...

I must be a liberal maniac, because I found the placenta-ingesting article completely interesting and not very disgusting at all. Americans do much more disgusting things to their children, like piercing the ears of baby girls before the tots are old enough to say whether or not they want their ear lobes to be mutilated.

I should've commented on the USA website, but they wanted me to log in. Sigh.

As for the Norm column mention, I would never know about that if you didn't tell us, Steve! I can't even get the Las Vegas paper to load on my browser. Weird, huh?