Monday, August 20, 2007

BREAKING: Frontier Implosion planned for Nov. 13

I interviewed Steve Wynn last week for a few of my publications. But this piece of news has no such home and could be scooped soon, so I blog it. The owners of the property stay across the street at Wynn Las Vegas when they're in town, and they tell him stuff. And Wynn volunteered to me that the implosion will be October 13.

I'm glad I checked around, though. Wynn is slightly mistaken. I can now tell you without hesitation that Wynn was off by a month. The Frontier is scheduled to disappear on November 13, not October 13.

Aside from the unimpeachable nature of the sources who clarified the date for me, there are other reasons why Nov. 13 rings true. For one, Oct. 13 is a Saturday, and there's no way Clark County would allow that. But Nov. 13 is a Tuesday, the same day of the week as the Stardust implosion. And I remember when working on the Stardust implosion that county officials had said they demand implosions take place early Tuesday mornings because that's the lightest traffic time of the whole week on the Strip.

No word yet whether the implosion will be turned into a spectacle, although Phil Grucci, the owner of the fireworks company that handles all the big shows, has been contacted and discussions are underway. Grucci, for the record, is among the sources who confirmed the date for me and said he had not heard of a specific date as yet.


janey said...

First again. Bravo, Steve.

David F. said...

Congrats Steve, I wonder said Elad reps get Comped at Wynn for Getting rid of the "Biggest Toilet in Vegas"