Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jerry Lewis Was Great. Really.

I've just come from my much-ballyhoo'd and FREE chat with Jerry Lewis.

It went quite nicely. I know he's known as a major-league jerk to many journalists I admire, but I think all of this hullabaloo put him on his very best behavior. I only got about a half-hour which is a bummer because I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask and he seemed to be enjoying the fact that I had read his book. But I got some good stuff out of it, in particular Lewis' very opinionated condemnation of modern Las Vegas.

I'll link to my Las Vegas Weekly column on this on Friday and the full conversation will be aired on the SECOND ANNIVERSARY edition of "The Strip," which records live this Tuesday at 7 pm at LVRocks.Com and posts to the podcast feed on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

He must've been very upset by all the controversy, then, if he was able to stifle his inner prick.

Mark Ebert said...

When will this interview be published, I'm anxious (and very happy) to purchase four or five copies of the issue!

TheStripPodcast.Com said...

Mark: You'll be able to hear the conversation on "The Strip" podcast by Aug. 30. As stated earlier, Newsweek is no longer interested in the interview. I will have a column tomorrow in Las Vegas Weekly about some of lewis' comments, however, and a link will go up here at that time.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys are the best! Sorry your Newsweek deal fell thru.

Mark Ebert said...

Yes, that's a REAL bummer about Newsweek, I was really looking forward to that.