Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lynn Johnston: The Podcast!

As long promised, we've finally posted the audio of my lengthy chat with "For Better or For Worse" cartoonist Lynn Johnston -- in conjunction with the publication of my piece on changes to the comic strip which runs in USA Today on Monday. Hear the chat here or right-click here to save it to your computer and listen to it whenever you wish.

Johnston, author of the most popular comic strip in North America, opens up about which comics she likes, what she thinks of her critics, why she's changing her format so radically, what may happen to the characters, what topics she may take on next and how her perspective has changed since she became so wealthy and famous for her cartoon.

For other perspectives on the comics, I'm a HUGE fan of the Comics Curmudgeon, whom I quoted in the online version of the piece. And this daily blog on FBOFW is addictive, even if I frequently disagree.