Sunday, September 9, 2007

VMAs, NFL, US Open and That HBO Iraq Thing

All of those things above would normally have my rapt attention. But instead, I'm still on Fossett watch, which is entering its seventh day. What on earth could I possibly still be writing about?

Well, you know those six plane wrecks they have found in the Nevada hills while looking for Fossett? Each has a story. And I found one that may be related, a family missing their relative for more than 43 years. I'll link to that when the piece runs tomorrow. It is an incredible tale.

Meanwhile, the technology involved continues to intrigue. Amazon has some sort of exercise they're doing where they're taking new Google Earth satellite images of the search area and handing out squares of them to thousands of online volunteers to scour in hopes that people out there will spot something useful. Wow.

But first, time for breakfast. Catch ya later.