Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Strip is LIVE tonight -- Really This Time!

OK! We're back on our regular schedule and will see you all tonight in the chat at LVRocks.Com for a fantastic show featuring one of the weirdest, coolest interviews ever, this time with Peter Frampton.

Do NOT miss the first three minutes or you'll miss the best laugh you'll have all day. We're holding Wynn another week b/c Frampton plays Vegas this coming weekend.

Join us at 7:05 pm PT. We promise, minimal Fossett. Well, unless they find him.


Troy in Las Vegas said...

Looking forward to hearing the rest of the interview that we missed in the very fun live chat.

Anonymous said...

the chat was fun, even if my computer froze up a few times with ITunes. Guess I'll have to try windows media player next time. all of you are really witty and quick with the comments. I just couldn't keep up.