Monday, October 22, 2007

Our First Petcast Video

Emily and I went to SuperZoo 2007 in September and our two shows on the conference are going up this week. (Episode #110, featuring our summations and an interview with a Florida guy who invented a new type of dog collar, can be found here.)

Anyhow, Emily went to SF and tested out one interesting product, paw pads, on her sister's yellow lab Georgia Peach. We discuss the outcome on Episode #110, but Emily provided this footage and I spent some time last night learning for the first time how to edit and dress up video on iMovie! (Episode #111, with interviews with a guy who claims animals can learn commands from his video and a woman who makes wigs for dogs, will post on Friday.)

Please be kind. I know the words are blurry -- not sure why -- and that the video quality, coming from a cellphone camera, isn't terrific, but it is our first try. I'm feeling emboldened, which is good because we have tons of video from my fancy video camera from SuperZoo and I'll try to do something with that, too, soon.

Also, it's only a minute long. But fun! Click on the video above or click here!


LinFromNJ said...

thanks for sharing. did she slide less? will these videos be able to be played on an Ipod?


yes - you can see in the first try she slides right into the door, the second time she runs up to the rug and stops at will.

yes, it's in the podcast feed for the Petcast, so you can put it on a video iPod and play it. Not sure how it looks there, tho.