Monday, October 8, 2007

Still Cruisin' After All These Months

I'm in Minneapolis for the day for some personal business and I figured I'd visit the now-famous Larry Craig Restroom at MSP, which has become a bit of a tourist destination. The stalls where the Idaho hypocrite destroyed his Senate career was, surprisingly, very busy, as you can see below, at 6:30 a.m.

As you can see above and below, they were occupied. No harm in that. But. All three of them at the back corner were occupied. One even had a a rolling bag blocking the view of the feet. And I was in no hurry. I really wanted to see if there was any sort of graffiti on the walls. After 20 minutes, though, none of the three people in the stalls exited. They were either all having constipation problems or...well... whatcha think?

What's sort of amazing, beyond the fact that this is a notorious site that, according to reports has become a popular attraction for weird, camera-equipped bloggers such as myself, is that there are many public toilets at MSP in more remote and less heavily-trafficked areas. How is it that this one, right at the heart of a food court and busy shopping area and just behind the main ticketing counter, is the one used for this sort of activity? Either way, the MSP's reported planned remodel of this bathroom can't happen too soon.

Amazing. Almost amazing as this item on Larry Craig's wife's tuber recipe. Stranger than fiction indeed.


Troy from Las Vegas said...

Could they be real legs and feet or dummies to keep people from using those stalls?

Anonymous said...

I think i would be in the stall for over 20 minutes, too, if I knew some guy with a camera was out there.

Anonymous said...

think we know senator craig?
think again.

Gregory_Zephyr said...

Perhaps with the remodel they will include a bronze sculpture in front of the doorway of Craig sitting and making a hand gesture. Travelers could get their pictures taken without actually having to go into the bathroom. The sculpture would be similar to the Mary Tyler Moore hat-tossing sculpture in downtown Minneapolis.