Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Strip is LIVE @ 7 pm PT with PETE ROSE!

Join us at 7:05 pm PT tonight at LVROCKS.COM for another rollicking edition of "The Strip," this time with Pete Rose. Pete discusses his gambling scandal, why he sympathizes with Paris Hilton and why he's spending 15 days a month signing baseballs and jerseys at the Field of Dreams memorabilia shop at Caesars Palace.

Plus, Steve reveals all about his Rose-inspired gambling bender, the week's Vegas news, the trivia question, the poll, your feedback and as always the TOP SECRET TOURIST TIP OF THE WEEK.

Come to the chat room, stay for the when-will-Miles-cuss drinking game! Or be that way and wait till Thursday for the podcast version.


dan kane said...

Pete looks scared of that lady. I am too.