Wednesday, November 14, 2007

OJ, Ellen and Wynn

OK. So I'm sure by now you know OJ Part Duh is coming to a courtroom near us late next year. Well, if you care, here's my New York Times coverage of today's events in court. V.S. will be delighted to know I refrained from using the word "disgraced" as it pertains to Pete Rose today and, yes, I did so in part because of her post.

More important, though, is my USA Today piece on Ellen DeGeneres, which appears in Thursday's paper. She's performing at Caesars Palace Thursday night as part of The Comedy Festival in a variety show that will air Monday night on TBS. But Ellen is controversial these days, what with her weepy Iggy caper and her continuing to shoot her talk show during the writers strike. So see what she has to say about all that in my piece. But, also, grab next week's podcast to hear our conversation in its entirety.

Finally, I had an hourlong chat with Steve Wynn today for a piece I'm filing Friday about Wynn's Michelin triumphs and some other topics. There was, as always, loads of news out of that conversation and I'll start piecing it out over the next week. I haven't listened to the discussion again since it ended at 7 p.m. and I'm thoroughly exhausted at the moment from all the week's events.


Walter said...

Can't wait to hear the Wynn interview!

Anonymous said...

After you run the strip version,please give us the whole interview on a separate download.
Can't wait.

V.S. said...

Wow! I dragged Pete Rose from the ranks of the terminally disgraced to parity with Duke Snider in less than a week.

How much does Howard Rubenstein get for this kind of instant image rehab? Rose owes me at least one of his autographed tchotkes.

I would have been delighted about your refraining from calling Rose disgraced had I not just read an old Norm column. Rose, when addressing some young kids at a baseball camp last summer, used the "F" and "S" words, and told some off-color story about seeing Joe Dimaggio's schlong in the locker room. How about, Pete Rose, the disgraceful baseball great?

P.S. I want to apologize for my comment to your "FRONTIER IMPLOSION VIDEO #1" wherein I took a dim view of how Vegas holds a party whenever it destroys another landmark. Others rightly focused on and thanked you for covering this for us, and I should have too.

I am disgusted with the way Vegas disrespects its legacy to the point of reveling in its obliteration, but I failed to acknowledge your amazing efforts on our behalf. I also failed to see the video, because I have browser plugins turned off by default, but that was no excuse.

P.P.S. You referred to my post as "her post." I'm a "he."

dan kane said...

Actually, V.S., Rose denied that cussing at kids thing in his chat with Steve on the show. Listen to it again.


Sorry, V.S. - I wasn't sure whether you were male or female, you going by such mysterious initials and all, and I thought it was more likely the initial "V" would be for a female name. There aren't many male V names, are there? Victor, Vance, Vincent...Am I close?