Friday, November 16, 2007

Wynn Offers Elad "Suggestions" On Plaza Design

OK... here's the first fun bit from my Wynn chat Wednesday night. Apparently, Wynn's not too fond of the horrible mock-up of the future Plaza Hotel and is trying to be "helpful." (The rendering is pictured here, courtesy of VegasTodayandTomorrow.Com.)

Friess: Have you seen the renderings of what the Elad Group wants to put there?

Wynn: Yes, but they're in the earliest stages of it. They were all over here today with their drasings reviewing traffic lights and driveways. ... Drawings will change, concepts will change, we're not near done with the Frontier yet.

Friess: Did you make any suggestions about how it will look because it doesn't look very interesting.

Wynn: Mmhmm. I did, yes. To show the drawings was a little bit too soon. The fact of the matter is the demolition was enough. You don't have to show everybody your drawings. Besides, you can't get paid for it. They're not a public company, there's no reason to show people an unfinished product in my opinion. But they're smart guys, these fellows.

How neighborly! I wonder how Adelson feels that the most prominent Israeli business interest in Vegas is cozying up to Steve Wynn!


Unknown said...

It looks like Paris has escaped and run down town for a new set of clothes from fashion strip mall.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Wynn will have an impact. I imagine he's thinking, "dear god, why do i always get these idiots across the street from me?"

Anonymous said...

Truly the best part:

"we're not near done with the Frontier yet."

As Yoda might say, "Balls the size of Nebraska, Steve Wynn has."

Anonymous said...

These guys are just slightly better than keystone kops. I'll grant that at least they are taking the plunge to build the place but so far they kind of remind me of the nitwits you see on the house flipping shows. Those people seem to fall bass ackwards into making a profit. Of course, the market is different now and Elad really needs a seasoned veteran. What they ought to do is give Wynn a 10% stake in exchange for management and construction oversight. That seems like it would be a bargain and guarantee them a world class property.