Saturday, November 17, 2007

Planet Ho's Big Night

I'm resting up before I head out this evening to partake in the grand opening of Planet Hollywood, which Robin Leach predicts on his blog -- a bit excessively I posit -- "may well go down as the biggest showbiz weekend in Vegas history." They do have a lengthy list of stars showing up for the thing and the big crowner of the night will be a concert from Barbra Streisand.

Proving he's not really gay, Miles has opted not to come with me to see Streisand. Thus, my companion for the evening will be our friend Amy, co-host of the sisterly podcast Grits to Glitz. Proving she MIGHT have been gay in another life, she ran out and bought a new dress!

Meanwhile, the Planet Ho revival gave me a chance to sell my first piece to the British media, what with Robert Earl a famous Londoner and all. So read my account for the Sunday Telegraph of London here. And, if you're a British reader, any chance you can snag me a copy tomorrow and mail it my way?


Hunter said...

Thanks for letting me chime in on P-Ho for the piece. I certainly don't think this place is gonna work the way that they have it - there's only room for so many 'celebrity infused' places in town - look how the Palms stole that from the Hard Rock - and P-Ho isn't stealing it from the Palms.

Still, they might fool Arkansas. At least for awhile.

David F. said...


I am in the UK Right Now on Vacation AND my Parents Get the Telegraph delivered. Do you need to whole paper, the section its in? or just the Piece/page its on?

Let me know, I would rather it be just parts of the paper, like US Papers its Heavy and there is only so much checked Luggage I can bring back ;-)


David - if you can bring me the section AND the front part of the paper, that would be cool. Would love to see what the whole thing looks like, but I'm OK with just those parts! THANKS!