Monday, January 14, 2008

Judge Denies Tamares' Prelim Injunction on Plaza

Just got word that a judge has denied the request by Tamares Group, the owners of the Plaza in downtown Las Vegas, to stop the Elad Group, owners of the planned Plaza resort on the Strip, from using the Plaza name in advance of a trademark trial.

That is, Elad is free to use the name from now until at least July, when the judge will hear the case. Unless, of course, the parties find a way to resolve it out of court.

In related news, Oscar Goodman told me in the interview that will air on this week's Strip that he'd like it to be resolved by default, meaning that the Tamares folks implode the old digs and build something new that works as a transitional property from the old downtown and Fremont Street west to the Union Park development that will include the $150 million performing arts center and other revitalization stuff.