Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Adelson Piece in USAT

Well, it's out! Here's my business-section cover story for today's USA Today on Sheldon Adelson based on my two-hour conversation with him last week. There's more coverage to come, a travel piece accompanying a Friday photo spread. Can you tell I think the opening of the first new Strip resort in three years is a big deal?

Read it here. This was a generously long piece by USA Today's standards, although I had enough great material to go much longer.

I'm working on being able to play some of the audio on the show next week. We'll see. Some of it has already been posted on USA Today's website, so I'll at least be able to use that material.


gregoryzephyr said...

Good article. I couldn't find a link to audio, though.

A photo spread is coming on Friday? With Adelson? Will we see him posing seductively with a come-hither look in his eyes? I can't wait.