Sunday, February 10, 2008

Other Stuff Around The Media

Since I guess I'm playing catch-up today as I recover from my kidney problem and never-ending sniffles, I figured I'd point to a few interesting things I've spotted in the media this week:

* Another Casino Brigadoon Coming Soon: The R-J's Inside Gaming column reports that the owners of the plot of land at the Strip and Sahara Ave where the late, great Holy Cow stood is getting its approvals to have a Trailer Station, an 8-hour casino to maintain the gaming zoning on the land, some time in March. Fun, but I'm glad I did the piece in January; setting up a trailer in a massive, vacant parking lot is so much more interesting to look at and read about than turning on some slots in an existing building. I may go, though, if only to see if I can repeat my 150 percent winnings from the last time.

* Cindy Adams May Be Right. Or something. Howard Stutz reported in the R-J on Saturday that Las Vegas Sands is buying a pair of new jets to retrofit with baccarat tables for Asian whales. Stutz writes that LVS brass have approached the Nevada Gaming Control Board about the legality and tax issues involved with gambling revenue while aloft. Cindy Adams, in that piece I mercilessly picked apart, mentioned something about this, though of course she had the details a bit off. Maybe they'll their airborne casinos "Phoenicians," eh?

* Utter, Utter Heartbreak. Just read this and, yes, weep. The bride dropped dead during the couple's first dance. Wow.

* Utter, Utter Stupidity. My "Petcast" colleague Emily Richmond had a shocking piece in the Las Vegas Sun a week ago on the notion of the "minimum F" in Clark County schools. That is, there are schools where teachers have to give students at least 50 points even if they don't do their work so as to avoid them becoming so hopelessly down in grades that there's no way they can pass. It is just an amazing tale, one I have every intention of ripping off for someone soon.

* Bye Bye, Lovie. We do so love our Fatburger. Maybe not as much as those Grits To Glitz chicks, but yum! Too bad you have to take a gun into the area of Nellis and Vegas Valley that's nearest us to get us some. But, regardless, we were sorry to read that Lovie Yancey, the woman who invented the chain, has died. And, no, not of a heart attack. She had pneumonia. At 96.

* You want to know why people love coming to Vegas? Sure, it's the entertainment and gambling and all that. But it's also because good customer service is generally the rule and not the exception. And that's what MGM Mirage knew when it handled those displaced by the Monte Carlo fire. I'm sure you've read as much as you want to about the fire by now, but this piece by Jennifer Robison is still worthwhile.

OK. Enough being sick. Time for me to get back on my horse and get back to work. Listen for me at about 9:45 a.m. PT or 7:45 p.m. PT on Monday on KNPR (or via their site, discussing my NYT piece on the lily-livered Vegas celeb-media corps.