Monday, February 11, 2008

The Strip is LIVE on Tuesday w/ LANCE BURTON

Sorry, Alanis Morissette fans. You oughta know you'll have to wait a couple weeks to hear her. I'm chatting with Lance Burton as he prepares to return to work at the charred Monte Carlo. And I've got one hand in my pocket for next week's show, even though I have no idea what that means. Isn't that ironic?

ANYHOW, join us at 7 pm PT for the live show at LVROCKS.Com. Hear all the funny outtakes! Chat with fellow fans! Drink when Miles cusses!

Or don't and you'll get the episode Thursday on the podcast feed. Your call.


LinFromNJ said...

My Lord, Miles doesn't cuss, does he?

wiki hater said...


I really love your show. But, in general, what I think makes it great is that you are a bona fide journalist (which adds a certain cache to the program). But, your apparent reliance on Wikipeida seems misplaced. I thought journalists did their own *original* research?? I mean, I can read wikipedia the same you can. Alas, maybe I'm just behind the times. At any rate, please keep up the great work, but let's do some original research!!


There is a difference between taking information on Wikipedia and reporting it without checking it out in a news article or report and using it as one of many sources of background information to inform some questions for a wide-ranging interview. There are many times when asking someone something from their Wikipedia bio yields highly amusing and surprising responses, as this time. It is an excellent starting point for reporters, even if it's become popular to disavow it. It's certainly troubling when CNN anchors, amid the Monte Carlo fire, are reading misinformation literally right off the screen from Wikipedia. But in the context of an interview, I wonder if there could possible BE any more "original research" than asking the person in quesiton him/herself about his/her life.

"wiki hater" (not really, I use wikipedia approximately all the time) said...

Excellent response, and I think you make some very good points. I didn't necessarily mean to be so harsh; I guess I just really respect your journalism (especially vis a vis cnn et al) and, to me, Wikipedia seems a little lower on the chain. But I definitely understand your response and it makes a lot of sense!

PS: I'm en route to LV as we "speak." Hoping to have a nice, fun, long weekend. Love the show!


great! we'll look forward to you calling in from here or emailing us and letting us know what you did!