Wednesday, April 9, 2008

CityCenter, Then and Now

Congratulate us! We finally got the Panorama Towers investment property that we thought we'd flip and retire on rented out! The amount barely covers half the mortgage, but it makes the situation manageable until better days arrive which, the way things are going right now, should be right around the start of President McCain's second term.

But, anyhow, it's settled for the time being and now my dad, his friend and I are only taking half a bath on the thing. Whew.

Since I won't be able to come and go from the place once our tenant takes up residence, I raced over there to snap one last set of balcony shots of CityCenter. But before I show them, here is a shot of the development almost exactly a year ago, on April 11, 2007 from a nearby parking garage:

Then here I am on July 30, 2oo7 when we did our Panorama walk-through before closing on the unit...

Then there were pix I posted on September 24, 2007, but you can see those for yourself. And now, here is what it looks like today:

Wow, huh? They work fast! The progress on the Vdara, that curved blue tower blocking part of Bellagio, is especially striking. Here's the straight-on view.

OK, back to work. You, too.


mike_ch said...

That southern road-straddling Bellagio marquee is now just a pair of poles sticking out of the ground. Too bad, they were classy when well maintained.

I notice the one that's gone is the one that used to advertise O and the remaining one used to advertise special events, the art gallery, a nightclub, CityCenter, etc. Now it advertises O instead, so I guess they're obligated to be marketing Cirque on those things in some way.

Troy from Las Vegas said...

Funny I was going to ask you just two days ago if you had changed your mind at all about trading Heather's and my house for your place.

John said...

Beautiful pictures, it makes you wonder how everything is going to look in late 2009 at night when the builiding lights are on. Everyone's complaining about the construction mess right now but that will change.

The architect for the Vdara builing, Rafael Vinoly, also designed the Jazz Center in New York at Lincoln Center and the Academy of Music building in Philadelphia ( although Vinoly's firm was sued for cost overruns for the Phila. building ).