Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jersey Boys Injury

Jean Scott, whose excellent blog on saving money in Vegas is part of the Las Vegas Advisor lineup, reported today she was at last night's "Jersey Boys" performance at Palazzo and saw Erich Bergen, who plays Bob Gaudio, slip and fall. They took a brief intermission and he was replaced.

I just heard from Kate Turner of Kirvin-Doak, the PR firm for the show. I asked about Erich's condition. Here's her response:

Yes, Erich did slip and fall last night but he's doing just fine (I spoke to him myself) and we expect him back in the show very shortly, if not tonight."

Here's hoping he mends well and returns quickly. But if you're really, really missing him, check out his website or listen to this week's podcast interview with him and Gaudio, whom he plays in the show, by clicking here.

And we thought the Cirque shows were dangerous...


Anonymous said...

He actually posted about it here: