Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Perez Hilton to Norm: You're DEAD!

I've got to blitz through Sen. Harry Reid's new memoir this morning in advance of an interview this afternoon and can't do much more blogging until much later, so check back later today for more thoughts on the apparently ongoing and growing feud with Perez Hilton, who lifted a unique phrase from this blog, misused it and refused to provide proper credit. His defense was that his "sources" -- turned out to be an out-of-work Canadian actor named Drew Mullins who is nowhere near Las Vegas but got the material from some Tina Turner list-serv -- sent it to him.

Little Mario apparently is so full of himself that he informed R-J scribe Norm Clarke that Norm is "now DEAD" to him for covering this controversy. I have his whole bizarro email to Norm and Norm's permission to publish it, but for the moment just check out the second item in today's Norm column. Sorry to be a tease, but I really can't do this topic justice right at this moment because Reid's tome about the greatness of Searchlight and evil of George W. Bush beckons.