Monday, July 7, 2008

"A flying Jerry Springer show."

That's the best line I've read about something Vegas-related in ages.

Yes, it's full of stereotypes and yes she takes a spin on the WHHSH slogan that we are so tired of, but somehow this front-page Sunday piece by Arizona Republic reporter Dawn Gilbertson on the craziness that ensues on those 17 daily flights from PHX-LAS worked. It was funny, comprehensive and even had some data to back up its claims. From what I hear, Gilbertson is herself a bit of a veteran of such flights. Wink wink.

Even the WHHSH twist worked. She opens the piece with, "What happens in Vegas often starts on the plane." And unlike every other spin on the slogan, it is accurate and refers perfectly to what she's writing about.

Fun stuff. Read it here. Wish I had thought of it.