Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Teller Appointed WashPost Editor!

Here are TWO major stories that Norm Clarke and Robin Leach seem to have missed...

First, much to everyone's shock and dismay, the Washington Post just appointed Teller, of Penn & Teller fame, to be the venerable paper's new top editor! Read all about it here!

There was little indication that he had it in him to lead one of the world's most respected newspapers, but I guess they got tired of having someone at the helm who speaks. Good for them! Hopefully, he'll take that loudmouthed jerk he performs with with him.

All the way at the other end of the spectrum, somehow it eluded Vegas' greatest gossip hounds that the Review-Journal's own Corey Levitan, who just the other day was working at the Chicken Ranch, was selected by DeAnna last night as the love of her life on the ABC reality show "The Bachelorette"!!!

Corey, who goes by "Jesse" in order to cloak his identity and not upset his wife, is seen here with the object of his affection. Congrats, dude.

(Don't get it? Click here for Teller's pic and here for Corey's. Happy Tuesday.)