Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today's Funnies

It's not exactly funny, but I just love Frank & Ernest so much I figured I'd share. Also, I love how the only figure that's recognizable in that cluster of Vegas buildings is the pyramid.


Downtown Bob said...

It makes sense to recognize it in the alien-themed cartoon... Luxor is one of two man-made objects (by virtue of the light) visible from outer space. The other is the Great Wall of China.


Hi Bob: I believe the myth is that the LIGHT from the Luxor in Vegas is visible from space, not the building itself. Neither is actually true. Also, the Great Wall of China is not visible either. It's been debunked in several places online, but my favorite was when I was living in China and the Chinese launched their first manned orbit. In a live press cofnerence from Hong Kong, a reporter asked the astronaut if he could see the Wall. He said no.