Friday, August 15, 2008

Steve, Steve, Steve

I'm popping up in a whole bunch of places in the media this weekend besides for the Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza!

First, I discuss the rough state of the Nevada Republican Party on today's episode of the WashingtonPost.Com's Post Politics Podcast following a piece I wrote on the subject that appeared in Thursday's WP. You can click here to hear it or right-click here to download the 15-minute show. I come on around the 7th minute. It's a bit of a thrill as I listen to the PPP every day and think it's the most impressive podcast effort by a major mainstream newspaper.

Tomorrow morning, I'm heading to Planet Ho at the offensively early hour of 7 a.m. to go live with Today Show Travel Editor Peter Greenberg for his very widely distributed two-hour travel radio show (also, it's streamed live online by clicking here) as an expert on the intersection between celebrity and travel in Vegas. Other guests include fellow media whores Oscar Goodman and "Vegas Gang" regular Dave Schwartz.

Then at noon on Saturday, the National Geographic Channel premieres an episode of its "Man Made" series about the Loizeaux family and their casino-implosion enterprise called "Vegas Casino." It's a behind-the-scenes of the Frontier implosion and I was interviewed by them while on the site doing my piece on the family for the New York Times. Stacey Loizeaux tells me I made the cut. I take it they rerun these things quite a bit.

Finally, I appeared last Friday on Nevada Week in Review, where we discussed state and presidential politics and the journalistic ethics behind the CityCenter Drunky McDrunk expose in the R-J. It just went up online. Click here to download that.


MrsVJW said...

While you're at Planet Ho, poke around and see if they can give a straight answer when the heck Pink's is coming back. They've been dodging that question for about a year.

Amy said...

I'll second that! There's something odd going on about the return of Pink's. I asked about it and got "Oh, they're supposed to be back eventually." OK. When?

gregoryzephyr said...

By total coincidence I just happened to catch the NatGeo show on the Frontier. They got several comments by Steve at various times in the episode, including his quote about Steve Wynn's characterization of the Frontier.

The narrator in the show mentioned that the owners needed to knock down the place as fast as possible so they could build the new casino quickly since they were missing out on "millions of dollars in revenue." Well, so much for that idea.