Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza Ramping Up!

We're getting a fresh blast of great PR in advance of the Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza today!

First comes an eerily timed -- gosh, how DOES that happen? -- Question of the Day that gives an overview of the Vegas podcast world on the Las Vegas Advisor website. And my friend and colleague Norm Clarke gave us a hand in today's Review-Journal column, which can be found here. (I believe the QoD is only available for free on Thursday, then it's part of the archive for LVA members.) And now Joe Brown from the Las Vegas Sun referenced us in his blog post earlier today as well!

Of course, YOU are our best promoters. And that's why you'll be rewarded for showing up! The Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority has provided 150 blinky Welcome To Las Vegas magnetic lapel pins for guests on a first-come, first-served basis. And we'll do a drawing during or after each show to give away prize packs that include donated Vegas.Com swag, copies of my books and some other stuff that's in "The Strip" prize vault from the Huntington Press warehouse. And after all three shows are done, Tim, Michele, Miles, me and Hunter will take questions from the audience.

For our part, in addition to our Carrot Top chat, we've got a fascinating piece of never-aired audio to share from a recent interview that contains an amazing Sheldon Adelson anecdote and tonight I shall be having my much-anticipated rapproachement dinner with a certain Vegas mogul so there will be that to dish about.

If you somehow don't know what this event is that I jammer on about, click here and see. There's still some talk that we might stream the event live and I'll update when I know if/when/how. And whatever we do will be in our feed sometime next week for sure.


Anonymous said...

Invite good ol' 'Big Rob' to the Palooza!