Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fossett Plane Wreckage Photos

So the two biggest stories for me from 2007 are both coming to a head today -- they've found Fossett's plane AND closing arguments are this afternoon in the armed robbery-kidnapping trial of O.J. Simpson. When it rains, it pours buckets.

The latest NYT update on the Fossett case was just atop the Google News home page with a byline by yours truly. Another update is coming -- they just confirmed that it was certainly his body and the NTSB chairman himself is on his way to Mammoth Lakes. But here's the glory-screen-shot:

And here are five photos released just now from a daybreak search that found the plane. No human remains have been found yet.

More to come as it develops. Gonna be a busy frigging day. And I'd be in the beautiful mountains of California right now if not for the fact that O.J. Simpson's such a weirdo. Oh well.


LinFromNJ said...

why would anybody even be hiking in such a remote area?