Friday, October 3, 2008

These crazy days

So yesterday, they found Steve Fossett's plane and maybe a bit of his remains and the jury got the O.J. Simpson armed robbery case. I handled both simultaneously for The New York Times, earning myself two bylines on the same page. Kinda cool. Here's my Fossett output, and here's my Simpson piece.

Now here I am (literally, see me to your right appearing to pimp for Aquafina) waiting for that very O.J. verdict as well as the verdict in the case of who gets to use the Plaza name. Hard to believe, but both trials took the same amount of time and now both verdicts are coming on the same day -- or not!

Since I'm in this holding pattern, I've already written and filed the piece to go up on the Times website when we know there's about to be an OJ verdict. We'll be getting two hours notice on that. We'll add and subtract material from that framework once the verdict occurs and the various players become available to talk about it.

Meanwhile, I've got to read Tony Curtis' autobiography over the weekend. I've got the print exclusive on the book and interview the legend next week for a major paper. Podcast listeners will get to hear that interview the following week after the article appears.

All this has made me -- and evidently everyone in the media -- forget that it was five years ago today that illusionist Roy Horn was attacked by a tiger on stage. Even Norm Clarke of the R-J acknowledged Roy's birthday today -- yes, he was attacked on his birthday -- but didn't realize the anniversary. Here's my 2003 report on the incident from the Chicago Tribune and Boston Globe.

Oh, did I mention I've had a massive headache for several days? Such a trooper.