Saturday, October 4, 2008

TMZ's PHONY O.J. Exclusive

TMZ is trumpeting as an "exclusive" something that not only isn't exclusive but is unbelievably old. They got ahold of a statement from Fred Goldman's attorney David Cook that Mr. Cook sent around en masse to reporters BEFORE the verdict yesterday. He sent us statements for either outcome, guilty or acquitted. But TMZ posted this as "exclusive" a full 13 hours after the verdict. Wow, that's impressive. Shows you what they're capable when they're not buying the news.

And while we're at it, guess who was atop the Google News homepage today. Here's the glory screenshot:

Oh, and this doesn't look so bad either:

I know many of you never cared much about this case. But I go back to what I said from the start. The potential for exactly this outcome - the most famous murder defendant of our time going to prison for effectively the rest of his life - required media attention. The first line of his obituary was just torn up and rewritten and I was there. Not a bad gig.


Anonymous said...

good job steve. ya done good.