Saturday, November 8, 2008

Black and Jack's Great Adventure

Events got in the way, but I've been meaning to post some too-cute pictures of Black and Jack on our big road trip two weekends ago to Los Angeles to see our friends David and Jeff be wed in nuptials that may now be invalid. (See David's now-tragic Newsweek essay on the event.) That's a total bummer, but it was still a fun trip and everyone loves looking at pictures of cute animals on the Internet, right?

We'd never taken our dogs anywhere in the 3-plus years since we got them from the pound. (They were named Cheech and Chong then. Miles thought Black and Jack was more Vegasy.) So this was an experiment.

We rented a little SUV to make the trip more comfy, and we set up the back seat with a big blanket for them to relax on.

At first they just wanted to be up front, but they got used to it. When we got out, they got to hop in front, as you can see with Jack here.

Don't worry -- it wasn't hot, we didn't leave them in there for more than a few minutes if it was necessary at all to leave them and they had plenty of water.

They really didn't know what to make of the hotel room... when we didn't crate them for the night, they were largely upon me as usual.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. On the way home, we stopped in Baker at the tourist trap Mad Greek for their famous strawberry shakes. Well, Miles got a coffee one.

The puppies just got Milkbones. They didn't mind.