Monday, November 3, 2008

LIttle Election Bits From Swing-State NV

I just thought I'd share a few sights and notes of the season as we wind down to the end of the Greatest Reality Show Ever. Want to know how contentious this whole thing is? Well, I just heard Rush Limbaugh begin to suggest that Obama's fixed the election. This after an Associated Press piece detailed several devious Republican voter suppression efforts. There were none to speak of for Democrats.

But, anyhow, here's another sign. Look at what I saw the other day in northwest Las Vegas:

Yikes. Meanwhile, I was up real early this morning with a little insomnia and saw that the well-oiled Obama web machine had allowed -- gasp! -- a grammatical glitch...

But, true to form, they caught it and fixed it hours later:

Oh, and in fairness I need to follow up on the Poker-for-Obama post from Friday. I interviewed Doyle Brunson, the poker legend, on Saturday. He's for McCain. He wouldn't say why. Both Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari said they're pro-Obama.

Finally, this morning I received my Review-Journal in a Porter For Congress bag paid for by the National Rifle Association. That is, I don't live in Porter's district. Also, I already voted as did more than 53 percent of registered voters in my county.

So my question is: Is it a partisan act if I use that bag to pick up after my dogs? Or should I wait until Wednesday just to be sure?


Judy and Dagmar Jenner said...

I'd use the bag, what the heck! However, they do provide these non-politically charged black doggie waste bags, at least in my neck of the woods in Summerlin. :)

I really hope things go Obama tomorrow. I will be in Florida, hence missing the swing state excitement here in Vegas, but Florida is also a swing state. I will hang out with a bunch of Obama supporting translators at a translator conference, so we should all be rooting for the same person...