Tuesday, November 4, 2008


After my post yesterday, the George Wallace folks did some research and determined that giveaways in exchange for votes is against federal law, as I wrote and as Starbucks and others realized.

So here's the new deal: Go to the Flamingo box office between now and Nov. 11 and ask for a free ticket. Period. That's all you have to do. According to Laura Herlovich, spokeswoman for Wallace, that's all it takes now. No need for an "I Voted" sticker or to say you voted or anything else. Just walk up and ask for a free seat. I'm assuming this would apply for that night's show and that if that night's audience is full then you're out of luck. But otherwise, it's a great opportunity. Too bad Jennifer Holliday's not performing with him anymore, though.

Anyone who tries this, let me know. And enjoy the show.


Troy in Las Vegas said...

Only problem is that no one bothered to tell the Flamingo box office this.
After arguing with Miki for a good few minutes and trying to wrap my head around her logic- "Well, if it is a federal offence to give you a ticket if you give me a sticker saying you voted and you don't give me a sticker then I don't have to give you a ticket right?"
Finally she went over to talk with one of her future cell mates and came back, not so much as saying she was wrong or sorry but just printed out our tickets in what was probably the worst seats she could give us and then showed us a drawer full of stickers and a line full of people holding even more stickers.
"I guess someone didn't get the memo did they Miki?"