Monday, January 5, 2009

Reason No. 456,011 Why ReviewJournal.Com Sucks

Every week about now, I prowl the Web for discussion topics for the banter portion of "The Strip," which we record on Tuesday nights. Beyond reading the dead-tree versions of the local newspapers, I regularly look to certain sites for inspiration and perhaps some news I missed. Among those, I always visit Hunter Hillegas' Two Way Hard Three (and congrats to HH for his Best Vegas Blog Trippie!!!)...

...Robin Leach's Vegas DeLuxe..

...Dave McKee's Stiffs & Georges...

...and Richard Abowitz's Moveable Buffet...

I used to also look at NormClarke.Com, but it doesn't seem like he posts any news there that's not in his print columns.

And then there's this...

That's the R-J's megablog. The DREAM TEAM. It says so. A multi-disciplinary blog that has eight different contributors. Eight highly trained roving eyes unearthing all sorts of interesting new wrinkles, some too big to wait for the next day's paper and some too small to have a home in print. Something to keep us coming back again and again.

The total number of new blog posts from the DREAM TEAM in the past week? ONE. Uno. 1. Yi. Un. Ehad. The hot scoop? Channel 8 has a new weatherwoman! Well, that couldn't wait until morning, huh?

To which I say: WTF? I praised this Vegas Voice idea back in August, when I called it "the consistently updated and interesting Vegas Voice blog." At that point, I was finding some real bits of news on there. But I've broken more news on this blog in the past two weeks than the EIGHT of them have broken combined on theirs since then. How is that even possible?

But hey, we're gonna all have ol' Nate Tannenbaum on our smart phones pretty soon reading us the newspaper, right? Can't get much more cutting edge than that! Woo hoo!

And hey, LasVegasSun.Com. Quit your giggling. You're not doing much better, and you people have real pros running your dot-com show over there who should know better. Sure, you're up to speed on political blogging, but your Culture Blog breaks no entertainment news, your Gaming & Business blog hasn't had a new post in 27 days and my pal Joe Brown, who just last week praised me in his one-year retrospective so it pains me to say this, hasn't offered up a blog item in 17 days and counting.

Hey, guys and gals in the dead-tree press. Get with the program or you'll end up on here:

Shape up or don't bitch and moan when your jobs disappear along with your circulation and your web traffic. And I say this with love. Really.

P.S. to the ReviewJournal.Com nitwits: First-quarter UNLV basketball scores are still not "breaking news." Stop sending me Twitters that say so.


RJ Guy said...

uh, how is it that you didn't win the best blog trippie? you were robbed!!!