Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Strip is LIVE tonight with Mamma Mia! Alums!

We're live tonight to record this week's "The Strip" with two guests in-studio, Bradley Gray (left) and Tim Tucker (right), the only two members of the Mamma Mia! cast to remain with the show throughout its entire six-year run. Plus, news from Vegas and all the other cool stuff we do.

Join us starting at 6:45 p.m. PT for the live show and chat with other listeners at LVRocks.Com or wait until Thursday for the podcast. Your call.


John said...

Great show. I have a pretty big family I was visiting on the east coast and we have 3 generations of Mama Mia fanatics. My sisters and my mom have been to New York several times to see the show. Now my 5 and 7 year old ultra-princess nieces both have the movie DVD and like to wake up and dance to Honey Honey in the morning.

I hated the movie version the first time I saw it but it grows on you and it's weird how you start to love the cheesy, hamminess of it all. I think my nieces hardly even notice the 3 possible fathers - they just see Amanda Seyfried ( who was wonderful ) and Dominic Cooper.

It was amazing to my nieces get the songs in their blood and dance with their girlfriends.

I've never seen such a disappointing movie have this kind of positive effect. I think it will be kind of like West Side Story - people bought the soundtrack and grew up with the songs and learned to love the whole movie, flaws and all. I still cringe with Puerto Ricans in West Side Story with their bronzed skin makeup and dance numbers where they shoot "Ole!."


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