Thursday, January 8, 2009

When Will Obama Be OK By MSWord?

Is it possible to teach Microsoft Word a new word? As in:

It's a very small thing, I know, but I just hate seeing that little red squiggly line under Obama. Arrgh!!! There it is again! Blogger does it too! See:

I mean, I don't get a squiggly line under Reagan or Clinton or Quayle or Kerry. I do get one under Biden. And under Kefauver. So I'm not claiming racism or partisanship here. I'm just wondering how long it will take before the 44th president of the United States is not viewed as a misspelling.

Just wondering.


mike4dice said...

Not a problem on my version of Word. Mac 2008 version.

ChrisR said...

In Word, right click it, as if to spell correct, then add to dictionary the word.

I suspect it's not Blogger but whatever dictionary tool your browser uses, same deal, should be able to add it to your dictionary (right click on word, add to dictionary).

Dave Lifton said...

Steve, read this:


dave - brilliant! thanks!