Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Swine Flu Case in Nevada Reported

Last night when we recorded this week's episode of "The Strip," we were dwelling on the Fontainebleau financing problems and Miles complained there's never any good financial news. So I improvised and said, "OK - I have GREAT economic news. There's no swine flu here yet."

Spoke too soon. This morning, the Centers for Disease Control updated their website to show a case in Reno. And away we go.

This tourism-dependent state is already in disaster. What's going to happen when this hits Vegas and those iconic face masks are being worn by showgirls and Elvis impersonators? (That's me above wearing one in 2003 when I covered the SARS outbreak for USA Today from Beijing, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China.)

The governor announced last week the state has a stockpile of 140,000 doses of medication with another 86,000 on its way from the feds. Here's hoping that's enough.