Saturday, May 2, 2009

All Danny Gans, All The Time

In case you missed it, here's my KNPR radio appearance with several other Vegas entertainment journalists and Gans' manager, Chip Lightman, yesterday on the death of Danny Gans. Last night, I also appeared on Las Vegas One with anchor Jeff Gillan and Greenspun Media guru John Katsilometes last night. Watch it below.

If you want to hear the full 2006 interview with Gans from "The Strip" that Gillan excerpted in that discussion, you can hear it by clicking here or download by right-clicking on here. I just finished my column for the Las Vegas Weekly on Gans and will post it when it is published on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for re-posting Steve's interview.


Charles in Richmond, VA said...

After listening to all the interviews, most going on at length about how Danny Gans was such a home body and turned down other offers so he could be the family man, I thought it interesting/odd that his manager went on at length in the KNPR interview about Danny wanting to get into acting/sitcoms. In your interview of him just a couple of years ago he spelled out in detail why he wouldn't want to do that.

Very odd.


Charles: I actually address that to some extent in Thursday's upcoming column. I suspect that was Chip's dream more than Danny's and that Chip's the one lamenting the all the things Danny never accomplished more than Danny would. It's also possible that his kids are becoming grown -- it is almost 15 years since he felt guilty about not being home enough and they were all already born -- and so now it as time to expand. And he only works 4x a week now, so there is more time than his 5x-a-week, 40+ weeks a year sked at Mirage allowed. Just some theories.