Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Marketers discover "Carrie Prejean"

Miss California Carrie Prejean, whom the vermin Perez Hilton has singlehandedly minted as the newest and by far prettiest right-wing superstar, has complained that sponsors have told her to renounce her views opposing marriage equality. Instead, she's on a church tour.

This morning, a colleague asked me what I thought so I went to my blog to email her the post above. And that's when I spotted that automatic Google Ad associated with the post. Here it is closer up:

If you click on it, get to download a pdf of companies that "are involved in practices contrary to Judeo-Christian principles." It's an ad for a conservative investment fund called the Timothy Plan and the Hall of Shame includes, among others, pretty much every media company (including Fox News owner News Corp) for promulgating pornography. Here's their mission:

To help you exterminate the bugs from your investments using non-toxic methods, we have compiled this list of invaders who have earned the "Hall of Shame" award. These companies undermine traditional family values by becoming involved directly or indirectly in any of the following: abortion, pornography, anti-family entertainment, alternative lifestyles, alcohol, tobacco and/or gambling.

Two questions here:

* Is there a way for me to tell Google not to allow such ads to be paired with my blog?

* How is it the Timothy Plan has listed not a single gaming corporation even though there's a column on the chart for gambling? The only companies checked off are beer and amusement park purveyor Anheuser-Busch and Planet Out, the gay online media company that, so far as I know, does not provide any gambling services. Are Vegas interests just such lost causes, so beyond help that they don't even belong in the Hall of Shame?

In any event, Ms. Prejean is well on her way to full-fledged right-wing exploitation. I just hope she gets her cut, because clearly the Timothy Plan is placing these ads where her name appears without her knowledge. That would seem unethical -- immoral even! -- so maybe we shouldn't invest with them.

[P.S. If you're really into this Carrie Prejean stuff, my pal Rex Wockner, a prominent gay journalist, had a terrific Q-and-A with her posted to his blog. I only wish he'd asked her if she was a virgin since I suspect if she's dating stoner Michael Phelps she's not and that would see, as she likes to say, Biblically incorrect.]


Anonymous said...

I don't know about Blogger but in the regular AdSense setup, there's a place to enter keywords you don't want ads triggered for.


Anonymous said...

Miss California rules!

We love you for saying the truth Miss Cali!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon: The truth according to your book of magic? Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

She didn't state the truth, she babbled on about something with her country and being raised a certain way then decided to make a statement that divided everyone, even though her sister who was raised in the same home feels completely differently about the subject. If she speaks the truth and the Bible is her guide, she wouldn't have received fake breasts to compete for a rhinestone crown. She is a walking hypocrite that is being used by both sides to exploit and further their cause respectively. And no, she isn't making a dime yet. She's a fool. Shame on all involved for using someone that doesn't even know she is being used.

Anonymous said...

In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul writes very fondly regarding ladies vanity and their use of cosmetics, jewelery and clothing to be more attractive. It wouldn't be much of a stretch for beauty contestants to see themselves as consistent in their walk with Christ.
I think this is a classic example of why so few people admit to having opinions when they are on camera. Maybe they should add issue avoidance as a contest category.

Jeff in OKC