Monday, August 31, 2009

Want some Friess with that?

The new version of Googling yourself is to search Twitter for your name. Every so often -- and particularly following a big story or event -- I look to see where I'm popping up. I try variations on my name and its spelling, etc. But until tonight, I'd never just tried the last name by itself: Friess.

I know these are redundant, but it just cracked me up so much! @Skylarrxoxo (above) just wants me. @Casealase just ate me.

@fnkyLO thinks I'm yummy.

Apparently I go well with shrimp...

...and chicken...

...and smothered in cheddar!

These were all in a row.

I come in waffles, I get soggy and, clearly, I'm French. And while I'm considered "bomb ass" when @Ezzylocc gets me at Del Taco, I have no idea what @Ogata_ci is saying about me other than that apparently I'm part of an Outback Steakhouse slogan.

Can you tell I need to get away from the pooter for a while?


mike_ch said...

This can be interpreted in such horrible ways.

The only thing of content my last name seems to bring up is someone with the same last name is a photographer of nearly nude women.

On the other hand, thanks to my three character handle I get a lot of @mentions that aren't about me at all. I do not have to search for these because they automatically pop up and annoy me.