Friday, September 4, 2009

What All The Fuss Is About

The professional, four-camera HD-quality video from "Las Vegas Celebrates The Music of Michael Jackson" remains out of reach for the moment as Erich needs to make time to go work with the company that shot it on post-production, but demand has been quite high for some -- any! -- quality video of Elijah Johnson's stunning performance in last Saturday's show at the Pearl.

Well, thanks to KLAS-TV's willingness to provide their raw footage, we now have this. You can download it from TheStripPodcast.Com or watch it on YouTube:

Because it's news footage and not a static shot, obviously you miss a lot and there are strange camera motions and focus-unfocus bits. But it certainly gives you a flavor of what we all saw and why Elijah's dad's phone has been ringing off the hook since the Today Show used a snippet in a report on the benefit.


Charles in Richmond, VA said...

"Strange camera motions" indeed! What was the purpose of extended shots of two attractive women filming the performance (other than male harmones)? Or of shots of the stage when the performer was out of the shot. Was this a real camera man or an intern doing his first shoot?

Anonymous said...

Charles: News videographers aren't there to get extended video, they're there to get snippets they can use in brief few-second bits on the news. Most raw footage from TV stations looks something like this.

Cush said...

Exactly: And, I suspect that the extended footage of the women filming was an attempt to get a shot of a Michael Jackson look-a-like that was in the same section of the audience, but failed because of low lighting. I was sitting just behind the location of that TV camera and am sure this is what he tried to capture.
Trust me, this footage does no do justice to the incredible performance.