Monday, November 30, 2009


I'm just off the line with Mayor Oscar Goodman, whom I had called for another story, and I quizzed him about the TMZ.Com video that came out over the weekend in which he called an auction bidder a "fat and short Bette Midler." Click below to see it for yourself, it's about 45 seconds:

Goodman's response: "If I offended anybody, I apologize. That’s not my style, that’s not my nature to offend people. If that’s how it was taken, I'm sorry."

What's been puzzling about the incident is when and where it took place. I've watched the video a few times trying to identify the ballroom decor, but I've failed. I think it's the Bellagio or maybe Wynn, but it's really hard to tell. Any hard-core Vegasophiles take a stab at it?

Goodman declined to say precisely where and when it was, although he said it was a few weeks ago. He also refused to say what charity was involved because "I don't want to cause them any trouble," but he seems to recall the item out for bid was ... the Mayor.

"It was no big deal. It was nothing when it happened. Apparently someone took a video on a cell phone cam and then they sent it around. Had they called me and asked me, I would have made amends for it. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do is say I’m sorry."

Goodman, however, doesn't even remember mentioning Bette Midler, whom he has never met. He said that he only referenced the singer because the woman resembled her, not because Bette is short and fat. Or at least fat, since she's definitely short. But that's my comment, not his. Here's more of his:

"I don’t recall saying anything about Bette Midler. I thought I was saying about something about the woman who was buying me at the event. I certainly hope I wasn’t calling the woman fat and ugly in a vein where she thought I meant something about her."

Gosh! Why would she get a CRAZY idea like that?

I also asked the mayor if the incident and others like it impact him as he weighs whether to run for governor.

"Not at all. People know me, they know what I'm about. This is a nothing."

And, finally, I had to ask. Was he drinking that night?

"I drink every night."


atdnext said...

Ah, that's our Mayor! Well, at least that's Las Vegas' Mayor. (Our Mayor in Henderson is much more boring.) It's just too offensive, but OTOH Mayor Oscar is known for this and in a bizarre way this may further endear him to his die-hard fans.

Oh, well. It's not like I was really expecting him to run for Governor, anyway. That would, after all, require him to sober up and actually consider relocating out of Vegas. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was at this event and the Mayor was auctioning off tickets to see Bette Midler. Not only did he repeatedly say nasty comments about Bette Midler, he also referred to Ellen Denegeres (tickets to see her show on auction) as Ellen "Degenerate."

ucsb1990 said...

Nice scoop getting the interview. I nearly fell out of my chair when I read Goodman's line, "That’s not my style, that's not my nature to offend people." I think even Goodman's staunchest defenders would acknowledge that he has plenty of rough edges. And yes, I do think that this would hurt his chances at being elected governor. It just wasn't a very statesmanlike thing to say.


Anon - can you tell me where it was, when it was and what the benefit was for?

Mister D said...

you two should get married....

Anonymous said...

The event was at the Four Seasons to honor two well respected members of our community that benefited a local jewish synagogue.


Anon - the Letizia event on Nov 21, per chance? Thanks.

Mark Mixxed Matched said...

This is incendiary. (that means it will burn in the flames of whatever religions or non religions consider the afterlife and if you don't believe in the afterlife, then you are a ... H E A T H E N!) THE remarks from the mayor don't excuse or condone his photographic behavior. I suppose he would have behaved differently if the local news media outlets appeared to film him for the 11 pm news? Heck yes.... but alas, none of them appeared so this gawdawful excuse for a politician decided to blur his boundaries and expose himself for the lout he is. Let the Las Vegas voters beware! He is a dangerous puss sore on the hair folicles of an earthly bottom. You got that right, I said he is a sore on the ass of the bottom of humanity. Go talk to your rabbi, homey, we dont give a goddam about your excuses and review of your behavior. You need to be ACCOUNTABLE! BOYCOTT VEGAS....Our money goes to THIS GUY?!